The Bay ARea Immigration Bond Fund has raised about $50,000 and helped secure the release of 9 people from ice dentention. 

Jose Infante Pic #1.JPG


José is a father, who for nine months, was detained by ICE and unable to care for his daughter. Jose moved to the U.S. when he was 15-years-old--more than two decades ago. He was granted a $20,000 bond but raising that amount is personally out of his reach. As a result, he was stuck in detention and unable to defend himself or provide crucial evidence to a judge that could allow him to obtain permanent legal status.

After nine months, we were able to pay most of José's bond and gain his release. Now José is staying with his cousin while he prepares for his hearing in July. He is able to see his 9-year-old daughter and collect evidence to try to stay in the United States with his community of more than two decades.


Alexis is a 26-year-old man from Mexico who has lived in the United States since he was a baby. Alexis was granted a bond, but unfortunately lacked the resources to pay it, and had to fight his immigration case from detention. After spending almost a year and a half in ICE custody, the immigration judge granted Alexis asylum. Notwithstanding his grant of asylum, the government sought to continue to detain Alexis while it pursued an appeal in his case. With your help, Alexis was finally able to leave ICE custody on March 15, 2018, while ICE pursues its appeal. Alexis is so excited to start putting his life back together after his extended detention. He is especially looking forward to starting GED courses and getting a job.  Alexis is grateful to all of you for your help in freeing him!


Noheli was arrested after presenting at the border in March and developed serious health problems while in detention. Despite a dramatic and obvious decline in her mobility, ICE and the staff at the jail where she was held failed to have her seen by a doctor for several weeks and told her that her pain was psychological.

She was bonded out after three months in detention and is now receiving medical attention. A nonprofit continues to represent her in her deportation proceedings.


Marco was released from detention and is now able to seek the mental health care that he needs and see his family. "Thank you to all who helped to raise funds for me to get out of detention, from all of my heart. May God bless you!"