The following are examples of two individuals. First, there is Miguel, who cannot afford to pay bond and is stuck fighting his immigration case from detention. On the other hand, there is Alexis, who was bonded out by the Bay Area Immigration Bond Fund and is now back to living his life. Donate now to help us support individuals like Alexis and Miguel by helping them pay their bond so that they can fight their case while remaining with their families and communities. With your support, we will soon have more and more stories from individuals like Alexis who have successfully bonded out and are either actively fighting their case or who have won the right to remain in the United States!


Alexis is a 26-year-old man from Mexico who has lived in the United States since he was a baby. Alexis was granted a bond, but unfortunately lacked the resources to pay it, and had to fight his immigration case from detention. After spending almost a year and a half in ICE custody, the immigration judge granted Alexis asylum. Notwithstanding his grant of asylum, the government sought to continue to detain Alexis while it pursued an appeal in his case. With your help, Alexis was finally able to leave ICE custody on March 15, 2018, while ICE pursues its appeal. Alexis is so excited to start putting his life back together after his extended detention. He is especially looking forward to starting GED courses and getting a job.  Alexis is grateful to all of you for your help in freeing him!


Miguel is a 34-year-old from Mexico. He has been in ICE custody since December 2015. He is the father of four USC children. Miguel came to the US as a teen fleeing abuse at home and school because of his intellectual disability. He was sexually assaulted by a guard while in detention, whom he still has to see regularly at the detention center. As a result of the abuse he suffered in Mexico and here in detention, Miguel is suffering form PTSD and depression. He hopes to be released so that he can help support his children and his US citizen grandfather, who is suffering from serious health problems, while he waits for a visa to be approved based on being the victim of a crime.